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Variety of textures, flavours and nutrition is key during weaning, so when my little one started his food journey I had made a note of foods which not only provided a wholesome eating experience.

We gave kale crisps a go at around 8 months and continued to offer them as and when I made them (few times a month), as a toddler now these are top on his list!


🥬Known as ‘the queen of the greens’ Kale crisps provides:

⭐️Great sensory experience - uses all 5 senses 

⭐️Rich in Iron and Calcium 

⭐️High Vitamin C, A and K

⭐️Loaded with anti-oxidants


⭐️Immune boosting


How to make: 

✨Massage kale with little olive oil and 1/2 tsp each of garlic granules and paprika, airfry at 200C for 6 minutes (tossing half way) until crispy.

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