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How is it nearly the end of 2022? This “bit in between” has been so nice but also entailed lots of cooking - including this recipe which I put up on my stories and so many of you voted for it! Inspired by @cafedelites “easy honey garlic salmon” - with additional thyme - absolutely delicious and layers of flavour coming from seasoning the salmon beforehand + gently basting it through the cooking process, a fab easy dinner or lunch idea and something a little more exciting 😌


🐟 Ingredients

- 2 salmon fillets,

- 1/2 tsp paprika

- Salt and pepper to season

- 2 tbsp butter 

- 1 1/2 tsp garlic, crushed 

- 4 thyme sprigs 

- 2 tbsps water 

- 3 tbsps runny honey 

- 1 tbsp light soy sauce 

- 1/2 freshly squeezed lemon and lemon slices 



Mix paprika, salt and black pepper and rub into salmon to season. Heat a shallow pan, add butter, garlic, thyme and in a bowl mix water, honey and soy sauce - add to pan and stir. Gently place the salmon into the pan skin side down, cook the salmon on low-medium heat for 12-15mins, add lemon slices and baste with juices in the pan. Gently turn salmon to cook on all sides and cover for few mins to fully cook or place under grill. 

Serve with rice and veggies.


👶🏼 ❌ not suitable if your baby is < 1 year due to the honey in this recipe

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