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Dropping my MOST LOVED bolognese sauce below ⬇️ without the umami-rich lentils and mushrooms this can be used for a meat variation alone. 


Some ingredients just completely transform a dish - I’ve highlighted my ⭐️ ingredients for bolognese. Check the recipe out and let me know if you use these much in your baby/family meals? Comment below ⬇️ I’d love to know 


Makes 4 large servings 


🔹2 tbsps extra-virgin olive oil

⭐️ 2 tsps fennel seeds 

🔹1 large onion, finely chopped

🔹4 cloves garlic, crushed

🔹400g whole brown lentils (pre-soaked  for atleast 1 hour or 3 cans of lentils or 1kg beef mince (for classic bolognese) 

🔹2 x 400g canned tomatoes, blended (for a smoother, saucier consistency) 

🔹1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce/ Balsamic vinegar

🔹1 tbsp tomato puree 

🔹1 tbsp dried mixed herbs

🔹1 ½ tsp paprika powder

⭐️1/4 tsp nutmeg powder

🔹Little freshly ground black pepper 

🔹 Dash of cream (optional)

🔹½ bunch chopped parsley

🔹Handful fresh basil

🔹Grated parmesan/cheddar



🔹 In a pan heat olive oil, add fennel seeds, garlic and onions – sauté for 5-8 mins until softened and slightly browned 

🔹Add choice of lentils, mushrooms or beef mince, cook stirring and breaking up the meat for 3-4 mins, until meat browned and lentils + mushrooms feel tender

🔹Add tomatoes and season with remaining ingredients, mix, cover and cook on low for approx 40mins-1 hour stirring occasionally, until you have a rich, thick sauce (add water if required)


⏰ 1hr 

👶🏼 7m+

❄️ Will keep for 3-4 days in an airtight container, freeze for upto 2 months defrost in a microwave or overnight in the fridge

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