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We all have a “go-to” meatball recipe! These are FULL of flavour and taste delicious with mash, dunked in tomato sauce served with spaghetti or as mini burgers for your little ones. These can also be made without breadcrumbs and egg for an allergen-free option! 



- 500g lean mince 

- 1 small red onion, finely chopped 

- Handful fresh parsley, finely chopped 

- 40g breadcrumbs (optional)

- 1 tsp fennel seeds

- Salt and pepper (optional) 

- 1 egg 

- @frylighthq or olive oil



Add and combine all ingredients in a bowl except for oil. Mix well and measure out ball size using a tablespoon or teaspoon. Roll - spray a little oil onto your hands, this will make rolling even easier. Heat a pan on medium heat fry for 3-4 mins, turn and cover. Cool for further 5 mins until we’ll browned.

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