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I’ve got the “butter board” bug!😂 combined the viral butter board concept with a common breakfast I love but one that my toddler has also started enjoying - Greek yoghurt, mixed fruit and granola for a little crunch! If you know me, you’ll know I love a good old graze board of any sort (because you can make one out of anything) - so this also fits my idea of that too! It’s easy and such a lovely way to involve the whole family (plus practice a little sharing!). 

Here’s my simple breakfast board recipe:



- Greek yoghurt

- Strawberry chia jam 

- Smooth peanut butter 

- Toppings of your choice - mixed berries, granola 

- Choice of dipper - mini pancakes (@zakariyasplate has a super easy 3-ingredient recipe) and banana fingers or any other fruit that can be cut into fingers. 



Create your yoghurt layer, dollop and swirl chia jam + peanut butter, add your toppings and enjoy with dippers or your choice


Serve fruit appropriately, @solidstarts has a great guide on how to serve foods


If you liked this concept, you can gain more inspo through other accounts I follow:

🔸 @theweaninggp - using cream cheese 

🔸 @drchintalskitchen - using hummus 

🔸 @_spkitchen_ - using avocado 

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