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When I came across this on @justinecooksvegan page it blew my mind - such a great dairy-free alternative to parmesan and provides a very similar ‘nuttiness’ flavour profile. I tend to have all nuts stocked as I love cooking with them but I now use this to also incorporate nuts into my toddlers diet. Pasta is a common favourite with kids (and adults) so this is brilliant as you can sprinkle different grated nuts each time or create a combination once you’re little one has tried all nuts and shows no signs of an allergy.



- Brazil nut (or walnuts/cashews or any other nut)



Carefully grate over pasta or another dish where you’d tend to use parmesan/cheese.


⏰ 5 seconds 

👶🏼 6m+

❌ Tree nuts (introduce one at a time on separate days)


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